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Billy Reid & The Trackers.

Epic of BAyajidda series

The first of the Bayajidda series can be purchased below: Bayajidda journeys from his homeland of Baghdad into uncharted Africa, only to awaken an evil greater than he could have ever imagined.

Sahara Desert

Legend of the Huskahs

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My Story

Hamza Lawal is a lover of art in all its forms. From the beauty which emanates from a single brush stroke, creating art on a canvas wrapped around a panel, to the naturally occurring works of art observable in nature. He often reflects on qualia or 'phenomenal character'. How the subjective experience we each have when seeing something 'beautiful' differs from the next guy.


Hamza often poses the questions, 'to what extent does consensus reality affect our appreciation of art? Do children see art more subjectively, more individualised?

He further responds to the questions in jest, thusly:

"If an honourable gentleman differs with me on a subject, I differ as heartily with him, and shall always rejoice to differ."

Another form of art Hamza enjoys is writing. He has ghostwritten extensively on matters ranging from economics, change management and governmental studies and he has just written his first historical fiction novel: Legend of the Huskahs.

My Books

My Books

Beautiful Desert
Rolle Pass
mock-00988 (2).png
Rock Formations

Trailer: Legend of the Huskahs 

My Paintings

My paintings

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