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Legend of the Huskahs

Legend of the Huskahs is an action packed adventure story about a young man who ventures to West Africa in the early 1300s. Perig never travelled in search of a sedentary life, but rather for adventure. With a curious mind on the socio-religious settings, Perig finds more than he bargained for, but just as he begins his quest alongside his friend and mentor Samu, Perig's plan changes drastically as his love interest gets kidnapped.

Was she taken by the Huskahs?

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Billy Reid & the Trackers

Billy Reid & the Trackers is a bizarre adventure about a boy who had a strange encounter with his dead mother and a talking dog. The events of that day hurl him, his stepbrother and their friend into a complicated world of parallel realities and amazing characters.

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Alius: The Rise of Mankind

The story follows the life of a young man raised in a cyber-utopian world set in 2053 AD. He learns there is more to life amid an apparent alien invasion of Africa's new capital: Maruga City.
In this story, the past the present and the future are juxtaposed and history is bound to repeat itself, but just as it seems the enemy is obvious, it turns out that the AI might be humanity's salvation after all, or is it?

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